Dedicated to helping you live your Best Life.
Dedicated to helping you live your Best Life.


We can help you beat your pain and get on with living your BEST LIFE.

Our expertise is unparalled. We care about you and your indivdual goals.

Exceptional clinical skills combined with compassion and an excellent reputation in the community makes us the BEST choice if you are in need of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Surpass your athletic goals. Achieve greatness. You are called.                 

Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center is the clear choice when pain prevents you from enjoying your active lifestyle. When you choose Best Life Physical Therapy, you can expect the highest quality of care. 


The care we provide sets us apart.


1. Care is individualized to meet your changing needs at every visit.

2. Treatment plans are designed to meet your unique goals.

3. Specialized manual therapy skills often provide significant pain relief in the first visit or two; particularly if you have neck, back, or shoulder pain.

4. We treat virtually any type of musculoskeletal pain with great outcomes.

5. Specialized programs include Cutting Edge Rehabilitation of the Athlete, Pre/Post-Natal Rehab, TMJ Treatment, Vertigo Diagnosis and Treatment, Neck and Spine Rehab.  

6. Our expertise makes our care more efficient than our competitors, getting you back to your life more quickly.


We look forward to getting to know you personally.  Let us help you live your Best Life.

Message From The Owner

 It is my professional passion to help as many people as possible restore their physical connection to the world.  I have spent the past almost two decades practicing as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the Outpatient Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine setting. My journey began with my own personal experience with physical therapy, which ignited my motivation to help others. While playing basketball in college I tore both of my ACL's and saw first hand how quickly life could change when I was suddenly not able to go to work and in fear of losing my scholarship. This is when I decided that I wanted to be a physical therapist so that I could help others get through difficult times and get them back to their normal lifestyle as soon as possible. I provided patient care for 7 years as a physical therapy rehabilitation aide, eventually obtaining my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and now have enjoyed many years practicing as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I am also as a professional bodybuilder and can continue to use my current fitness lifestyle to drive my focus on the importance of injury prevention and the concept that “no pain no gain” is not always one to follow. In a world that continues to struggle in the field of healthcare, I believe that the biggest missing components are education and prevention. I would much rather prevent someone from being in pain or acquiring an injury rather than treating him or her after the fact, thus I incorporate prevention and education in each patient's program to promote wellness and resiliency. 


It warms my heart to know that at Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine I can provide the quality of care that everyone deserves when attempting to make improvements in their life. I believe that life is short and we all deserve to be able to live the best life that we can. I trust in a whole body approach and the positive impact that improving the physical aspect has on both your mind and soul.  My goals are your goals. This is what separates Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Whether it is being able to put your groceries away, tolerate standing at church, or excel at your current sport or fitness activity, it is my commitment to help you achieve that goal. 


At Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine we continually strive to provide the best healthcare possible and we welcome your suggestions on helping us achieve this purpose.



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Visit us at any of our two Virginia Beach locations: 2404 Potters Rd, #400, 23454 Flex Gym 4020 Bonney Rd #112, 23452 or in Norfolk: Iron Asylum 1200 N Military Highway 23502 Main Office: 757-961-5888 Fax: 757-340-6210 LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.