Dedicated to helping you live your Best Life.
Dedicated to helping you live your Best Life.

Become a Best Life 360 Athlete

Find out how you can elevate your performance and break through to the next level of your sport.

A Best Life 360 Athlete surpasses personal goals because he/she has a three hundred and sixty degree, comprehensive​ approach to success. 


What makes our program a 360 degree approach?

The 360 benchmark denotes athlete focus across Four Vectors, vital for success: 

  1. Injury Prevention
  2. Functional Movement
  3. Sports Specific Training
  4. Performance

As a part of our 360 Athlete Program, we offer: 


INJURY PREVENTION CLINICS: Sports specific assessments and exercises are offered to help you maximize your performance. Clinics are designed for a different sport each quarter. Consider following our Instagram and Facebook accounts to stay informed!


ON-SITE TEAM SUPPORT: The Best Life sports medicine experts offer on-site assessment and treatment at your game or event to support your athletes and maximize performance. If you are interested, please call: 757-318-8653

Q & A on the 360 Athlete Program:


Does the program always involve physical therapy?

Yes! Our program is designed to help athletes surpass their goals through assessment by a DPT across the four vectors and creation of a physical therapy plan of care to meet individual needs.


What is included?

Your highly specialized physical therapist will move through an assessment of the four vectors in order (starting with Vector 1 and moving eventually through 4) at the initial evaluation (or ongoing depending on complexity, meaning the Vector 1 may be the only vector assessed on the first visit). 


  • Injury prevention: We will assess pain symptoms in this vector in order to promote recovery.  If there are no pain symptoms, we move into a discussion of any past injuries or vulnerabilities/patient concerns ​as well as recovery techniques to allow for optimal performance in every workout.​ A specialized, individualized physical therapy plan of care will be created for the athlete. Objective measures are recorded whether a simple VAS for pain or a standardized assessment tool to track progress. 
  • Functional movement: A ​functional movement screen will be administered which will  include components that are sports​ specific. Your physical therapist will use this information to address faulty movement ​and reprogramming poor muscle memory  ​(stretching/strengthening/etc).
  • Sports Specific Trainig: A sports-specific training program will then be designed with the athlete's unique needs in mind (with consideration of their sport) in order to break through previous barriers. 
  • Performance: Current achievements will be noted and new, elevated goals will be established, with progression of the physical therapy program aimed at achievement. We also offer SportsFreq as an optional treatment for this vector, which can be used to improve mental focus ​through preventing performance anxiety, optimizing optic nerve function, and optimizing mental balance.  Sports Freq includes education on reducing mental stress through a regular customized exercise program, sleep schedule and  proper nutrition.  We will utilize a physical therapy protocol to improve concentration, and refocusing nervous system priorities.

What perks do 360 Athletes Enjoy (some of which are awarded when the athlete has improved across all 4 Vectors)?


  • Priority Scheduling
  • 25% discount on out-of-pocket supplies costs for rock taping/Sports Freq/Etc.
  • Access to phone consultations as needed
  • Direct communication withe your 360 athlete staff should a new injury arise.
  • Best Life 360 Athlete Gear as available
  • Recognition at the clinic level and across social platforms.
How can I find out more? 
We would love to tell you more about this amazing program.  Today is the day to start the next chapter in your athletic journey with Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Call (757) 961-5888 for more information.

360 Athlete Testimonial

Noah Spencer (pictured above) has been crushing goals through our 360 Athlete program. Francesca Gresik, DPT and Certified Sports Clinical Specialist: "We love him and are excited to be a part of his journey." 

From Noah: 

"I’m a Division 1 collegiate Football player. I am always working either on the field, training, or lifting weights. Therefore I know that it is very important for me to take care of my body to see results and reach my goal of becoming a professional football player in the NFL. “The best athletes take the best care of their body”. Finding Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine was a true blessing. I started therapy to seek proper 100% recovery for my legs specifically my hamstrings and piriformis muscles and also to improve my range of motion in my neck. The staff has done a wonderful job in individual goal setting for me, with a great routine that is focused on injury prevention and recovery.  By identifying muscle imbalances, increasing strength, and range of motion. I also receive great forms of recovery such as dry needles, deep tissue muscle massages (ART), and stretches. Every appointment my body is deeply analyzed by the staff to be sure that I am getting better and to make sure that I don’t have new injuries. The Best life staff is very welcoming, inclusive, caring, and family-oriented. They are great at communicating. Every time my appointments are over I feel as though I have gotten better and received the best treatment. I know that I can be, play and train like the  athlete I desire to be because of what Best Life is doing for me." 


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