Dedicated to helping you live your Best Life.
Dedicated to helping you live your Best Life.

Become a Best Life 360 Athlete

Surpass your personal goals through this comprehensive approach to success. You will meet the 360 benchmark when you improve scores in the 4 key vectors of athletic performance: Recovery/Injury Prevention, Functional Movement, Sports Specific Training and Performance.

Discover the perks of becoming a Best Life 360 Athlete

Priority Scheduling; 25% discount on out-of-pocket supplies costs for Rock Taping/Sports Freq/Etc.; Direct Communication with your 360 Athlete Doctor of Physical Therapy should a new issue/injury arise; Access to phone consultations when needed

Attention Athletes: If you are passionate about your sport and want to improve your performance, look no further. We offer comprehensive cutting-edge treatments to help you reach and surpass your goals, including the following:


Sports Specific Analysis
Biomechanical/Running Analysis
Functional Screen/ Injury prevention
Dry Needling
Rock Blades
Rock Tape
Concussion Management and Rehab
NEW: Sports Freq: an UNPRECEDENTED treatment technique which can improve your performance, speed your recovery, increase your mental focus, AND shorten injury time/reduce inflammation!

SportsFREQ consists of thin circular discs applied directly on the skin which transmit neurological frequencies in the body to start an efficient self-healing and self-regulating process. With SportsFREQ Therapy patients often see results within the first week of treatment, if not instantly!


Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

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You can receive physical therapy at Best Life Physical Therapy without a doctor's prescription (and we can still bill through insurance).  This saves both time and money. Schedule an appointment today.

News and Programs

At Best Life Physical Therapy, we are plugged into latest in physical therapy news and techiniques.  You can trust that the latest reasearch and cutting-edge techniques are being encorporated into your treatment plan.  We also offer specialized programs to meet your needs.  


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Visit us at any of our two Virginia Beach locations: 2404 Potters Rd, #400, 23454 Flex Gym 4020 Bonney Rd #112, 23452 or in Norfolk: Iron Asylum 1200 N Military Highway 23502 Main Office: 757-961-5888 Fax: 757-340-6210 LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.